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M&M RRP Terms & Conditions

Updated 7/24/2013

Signing Up

Online signup for the M&M Realtor Referral Program (RRP) is not required. Users may contact M&M Moving & Storage at 800-467-1022 to request signup. Users will still be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of the RRP once they receive the new signup packet.

To complete the online signup process, please complete all fields in the registration form. Upon completion of signup an account will automatically be created. Once an account is created, users may begin submitting referrals immediately.


All contact information submitted by realtors for themselves or their agencies will be kept confidential. No information will be shared with outside businesses and will only be used for the purposes of this program.

Referral contact information submitted into the system will remain confidential and will only be utilized by M&M for the purposes of the RRP. Information will not be sold or transferred to other businesses or individuals. Referred clients will be contacted by an M&M agent to offer a free estimate of moving their household goods.

Processing Referrals

In order to participate in the RRP, realtors may submit referrals online to allow M&M to contact the customer about moving services. However, realtors are not required to provide customer information to M&M. A realtor may also present their client with a RRP Discount Card (provided upon RRP signup) after which, they will have the option to contact M&M to receive their discount and setup moving services.

Referral Tracking

Realtors will receive credit for any customer of M&M that is referred by that realor upon completion of the move and once payment has been received in full for the move. Referral customers will be associated with a realtor in one of two ways. 1. The realtor enters the customer's information into the RRP website. 2. The referred customer presents the RRP Discount Card to M&M prior to booking the move. Referral information received after a move has been booked will not be assigned to a realtor for credit.

Realtors may track the status of all referrals (both online and by Discount Card) online by logging into their RRP account. An online account must be created by the realtor to review referral statuses online. If the realtor does not create an online account, the status may be obtained by contacting the M&M office.


Payments for completed moves for referred customers will be calculated and processed on the first business day of each month for the previous month. Payments will be issued to the agency of the realtor and mailed to the address on file. The payment will include a report of how payments should be distributed to realtors. Agencies will then be responsible for issuing payments to realtors. $100 will be paid for any move rated and billed as a Long Distance move. $50 will be paid for any Full Local move billed at an hourly rate with six or more total hours. $25 will be paid for any Short Local move billed at an hourly rate with less than six total hours. All payments are subject to standard state and federal tax laws.

Referral Customer Discounts

Referred customers will receive a discount of 15% off of their moving services for being associated with their realtor. The discount for moving services will be based on the Transportation Charges and will not apply to other surcharges, taxes, or fees for Long Distance moves. The discount for moving services on Local moves will be deducted from the hourly moving rate and will not be applied to additional services or fees.

If you have addtional questions, please feel free to call our office at 800-467-1022 or use our online Contact Form.

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